Welcome to the Central New Jersey SQL Server User Group. This is a FREE group that meets every Second Wednesday of every month. We meet at the Microsoft offices in Iselin, NJ.   


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 Central New Jersey SQL User Group  



We are pleased to announce Hilary Cotter will speak in our Central NJ SQL User Group meeting on March 12th 2014. The sponsor is Scalability

Topic: SQL Server Performance Tuning

Presenter: Hilary Cotter

Presentation File: SQL Server Performance Tuning (03122014).zip


 Hilary Cotter has been a SQL Server MVP for 13 years now. He specializes in replication, and other HA solutions, Full-Text Search, Service Broker, and performance tuning. He has worked for many Fortune 500 clients on cutting edge solutions.

In "SQL Server Performance Tuning", Hilary Cotter, describes how to diagnose, troubleshoot and solve common SQL Server Performance tuning. This session will arm you with tools to do benchmarking, diagnosing, and resolving problems that you will face on most environments. You will leave this talk with an approach to performance tuning which will help you to make your SQL Servers handle greater loads on the same hardware.



The next meeting will be held on Feb 12th 2014

Topic: SQL Server 2014 OLTP In Memory Database

Speaker: Simon Facer

Presentation File: SQL 2014 In-Memory OLTP (02122014).zip

I'm Simon Facer, a SQL Server PFE with Microsoft for the last 3 years. I’ve been working with SQL Server, on and off, since the mid 1990’s, from SQL Server 4.21. I focus on all aspects of the core relational SQL Server engine, along with Parallel Data Warehouse (where I get to get to work with some pretty impressive hardware as well as the software). My passion at work is to help my clients understand SQL Server and its nuances, nooks and crannies, and to help them implement the right SQL Server technologies to solve their business problems in the best way possible.

 The sponsor is SolarTech. 



101 Wood Avenue South, Suite 900
Metro Park 101
Iselin, NJ 08830

Meeting Format

6:00PM : Networking
6:30PM-8:30PM : Presentation and Q&A




Group Leaders


Linda Zhang sqliselinnj@gmail.com

Jaimie  Fox



If you are interested in presenting at one of our future meetings,  please send us email sqliselinnj@gmail.com


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